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“Engage in Trade, for ninety percent of the Sustenance is found therein……”
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We run all kinds of Import & Export services

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An accelerated communication and connectivity are the essential elements of the business industry today.
It will be our esteemed pride to take away the stressful burden and pressure of bureaucratic procedures from your minds.

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Markaz Import and Export LLP

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We have been in this industry for more than Ten years..

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We can be the most comprehensive and the smoothest link for you from
Producers/Suppliers to the Consumers/Buyers.
Our globally positioned professional
and multilingual team is here to assist you in fulfilling your dreams and plans in the
shortest time frame possible.
Our enterprise covers the regions of south Asia, Central Asia, Eurasia,
GCC states, the Middle East, UK, and the EU for transnational and the world-wide business